What Makes a Corporate Holiday Party a Success?

The main goal of a Corporate Holiday party is to get employees to break away for the workplace atmosphere and let loose with other co-workers.

The one element your Corporate Holiday Party needs in order…

Have you ever been to a wedding where the guests danced so hard that the dance floor actually moved and buckled?

Michigan Wedding Broke the Dance Floor

Our Veteran Music Box DJ, Fletcher experienced a reception so wild that the dance floor moved from its original place by a foot!

Now… that’s a PARTY!

It was Friday, October 3, 2014 when…

A Michigan Wedding Experience too Amazing Not to Share

Music Box DJs, Andrea and Chris felt the love at Nick and Bob…

Elegance, Art, Hospitality and a Bumpin’ Party ~ RAVING Review of the DIA

It was a beautiful day on August 16, 2014. Not only was the…

Emma & Matt

A wedding day is all about celebrating love and at Emma & Matt’s…

Tara & Kevin Baird

Another rockin’ party! This one featuring Rod and Aron of Music Box…



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