What Makes a Corporate Holiday Party a Success?

The main goal of a Corporate Holiday party is to get employees to break away for the workplace atmosphere and let loose with other co-workers.

The one element your Corporate Holiday Party needs in order to achieve this goal is… ENTERTAINMENT!
Entertainment is key for any type of party. It is especially important for Corporate parties because most people that attend this type of event normally don’t communicate with other co-workers outside of the professional atmosphere.

When choosing entertainment there are many different categories to explore, Below are some Great ideas:

Magician                                              Comedian                                             Caricaturist



        Ventriloquist                                     Photo Booth


But, most importantly a DJ!

Disc Jockey

While the other choices of entertainment will in fact keep your guests amused, they will not be interacting with each other the way you would hope. With a DJ as the main entertainment everyone tends to be out on the dance floor, dancing, singing and interacting with co-workers as they all celebrate the holiday season. The guests leave feelings appreciated by their employers and happy to have met someone new while also relaxing and having some fun. That sounds like a success to me!

Does your work place host a Corporate holiday party every year? If so, What kind of entertainment do they have?

Do you think having a DJ as the main entertainment is important?


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