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Fletcher did an amazing job. We had a fairly small wedding, but the dance floor was always full!



Fletcher and music box were awesome



I called a few places for DJ and video services for my wedding and as soon as I called Music Box my mind was made up before even meeting… read full review



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2011 imi

We heard from friends that Music Box was great, and online reviews said the same.
My favorite memory was that at the last minute (day of the wedding) my Bridal Party decided to “choreograph” a “dance” to our entrance song, and Fletcher went with it and it was perfect (except for the fact that I forgot what I was supposed to do!!) But Fletcher covered it up flawlessly and recovered my entire mess up!We highly recommend Fletcher! He was so kind and so understanding. I could have probably not have ever met with him and he would have still been an awesome Dj. He is very intuitive and he has excellent judgement. We were extremely satisfied! Thanks!!

–Michelle & Steven Albright, Blossom Heath Inn, July 30, 2011

They really made our wedding night what it was. From the organized, thoughtful planning in advance of the wedding to managing the actual night with such professionalism and experience, we could not have asked for a better experience. Fletcher took into consideration all of our preferences and our personalities and really fulfilled our vision for the entire night. Even as new requests came up throughout the night, he adapted so quickly and seamlessly. Many guests commented that it was the best reception they have ever been to, and that is really in large part due to the DJs. If we lived in Michigan we would definitely be using Music Box for any other events we had and we will definitely be recommending the company to our family and friends who do live in Michigan. Thank you all again so much!

–Rebecca & Zach Andersen, Dearborn Inn, June 25, 2011

Eric was OUTSTANDING!! He was the perfect fit for our event, fun, enthusiastic, energetic, and just ready for a good time! Our favorite memory was the end of the night, the dance floor was full and everyone was chanting “ONE MORE SONG”. I will tell everyone to use him. I can’t say enough good things about him or your company. From the bottom of our hearts…Thank You!!

–Rachel & Brandon Brown, June 11, 2011, Masonic Temple

You guys were amazing and helpful with everything! Eric was very patient with me in picking all the entrance songs and offered up some good suggestions as well since I came there stumped. Just keep up the love and enthusiasm for what you do!
We used you for my sisters wedding and I remember it being a blast. Since that was years ago, I looked at your reviews and saw you guys still had it. I’ve heard nothing but good things about your company and others out there are pretty shabby. I’ve been to a lot of weddings recently and all of their Djs were downright awful.
Also, the last hour of the wedding was non stop, all out fun! Aron said that I’m in his top 3 of fist pumping brides so that made me pretty happy! Both Eric and Aron told me at the end of the night that our wedding was one of the best and promised they weren’t just saying it to make me feel good.
Eric and Aron were great! They showed us the dance moves to some dances and they made sure the floor was packed at all times. They played everything we asked for (even a metal song requested by one of the groomsmen) and they were very nice in letting me randomly blurt out songs and they would play them seamlessly. Everyone still talks about how awesome you guys were! Eric was an awesome pick for us and he certainly turned it into a great house party the last hour of the night.

–Kelly & Jon Greenfelder, May 28, 2011 The Myth

Honestly, I called just to get a price quote and Rod answered the phone, he totally sold me! He was fun to talk to, and made me excited about the whole ambiance that MB creates! My husband and I felt like we could trust your company completely. Plus, you guys have such a great reputation on all the wedding websites and our photographer Robert Bruce recommended you.
Joe and Aaron were so great! When we were sitting down to eat dinner Joe came up to us to ask if we needed anything, or if he could get us anything to drink, how awesome?! Both he and Aaron would check in with us all through the night, we just thought that was so unexpected and so sweet! They did such an awesome job with all of the music selection, the dance floor was full all night! When the big night was finally here and we saw everyone having such a wonderful time, that was the best feeling in the world!
My husband I love the whole packet that we were given in the preliminary planning stages. When we completed it and went over everything with Joe, it was a very comforting feeling when we knew what was going to happen that night and that we had nothing to worry about! Everyone we met in the company was so enthusiastic and so accommodating, we have recommended you to all of our friends and family! Thank you!!

–Jessica & Donnie Cook, May 28, 2011, Greek Assumption Cultural Center

The professionalism and information available on the website was top notch. It made us feel very comfortable that Music Box was committed to their events and capable of handling any unexpected problems that would occur at our once-in-a-lifetime event. It answered any questions we could possibly have had of any DJ. Needless to say, we were not let down.
Although the entire was a huge blur, we do remember how impress the bride’s Dad was with the light show and how “neat” he found it! We received quite a few compliments from our guests on that specific addition to the Dj package.
We loved both of our Djs and were very happy with our choice of Dj Joe Frontera. He was very entertaining, attentive, and professional. I would certainly be happy to recommend him and Music Box in general to anyone!

–Corisa & Brad Sibel, May 7, 2011, Fern Hill Golf & Country Club

2010 imi

I read many reviews on several companies. In the end it was between Music Box and another large DJ company in Metro Detroit, but after we met with you we didn’t even meet with the other company. I felt like we were a good match & that Music Box really cared about giving us the best experience possile. Choosing a DJ was one of the most important choices I felt we made during the planning process and it wasn’t a decision that we took lightly. Fletcher did an all around fantastic job, watching the video made us realize that even more. He really knows how to work a crowd! I am so glad we chose Music Box as you played a major role in making our wedding a huge success!

–Amy & John Yaquinto, September 5, 2010, Vintage House

On both Andrea and my behalf we want to thank you very much for everything that was done. The care that was put into making our day was seen clear as day. Everyone has to put on a happy face when they got to work, but to me it was no show at all and there was love by our Djs for the job and helping make our day special. There is no doubt in my mind that we both will refer Music Box, and especially Fletcher for anybody. We greatly appreciate the job he did, and is one part of the wedding that we can say was 100% perfect if not more was our Dj. Not to be cheesy but thank you again, you treated us more like family & friends than customers.

–Andrea & Ryan Bottos, September 18, 2010, The Myth

A friend referred me to Music Box Productions and Kimberly was so helpful and enthusiastic on the first phone call. She called back right away. When I contacted another service it took some time to get a hold of them and they weren’t very informative on the phone. But by that time I had already made my decision to go with Music Box. Also, Music Box had all the qualifications I wanted for the wedding – VJ, a DJ that would be enthusiastic about a Halloween wedding, the right music, the price, etc. It was all very professional but also laid back. It was great that Joe played the music for the ceremony too. Everything went smoothly. The music was all fun to dance to. Everyone had so much fun! It was cool that both DJs came dressed in a costume! Thanks for a great night, Joe and Kyle and the rest of Music Box!

–Teresa & Eric Idema, October 30, 2010, Lafayette Grande

Both Djs were fantastic. Fletcher was friendly and helpful through out the entire process. They played all the songs I wanted and the entire reception was wonderful. We chose Music Box because the price was great, but talking to Fletcher and meeting with him in person really sealed the deal! The best part was when the entire wedding was on the dance floor in a whole dance circle that took up the whole floor. I think Aron called it “EPIC!” Thank you for making my wedding the most fun day ever!

–Jennifer & Karl Fox, October 23, 2010, Palazzo Grande

Icalled/researched various DJs, and when I called Music Box, the assisting on the phone talked for nearly 25 minutes about the company, what to expect, prices, etc. When finished, there was absolutely no pressure to make the decision right then (even though I did!). The main reason is Music Box had all the bases covered to make the reception great. Guest commented that night (and still do) how great the DJ was and how much fun they had at the reception. Dante did an excellent job with our reception. The whole process – planning, then the actual event – was completely stress free. He covered everything so my husband and me did not have a single worry at the party. We had an absolute blast. Thanks for a great experience!

–Angela & Michael Diskin, September 25, 2010, Fountains


I had originally gone into MBP because I had known Fletcher for years. My husband was the skeptic and we absolutely fell in love! It was a nice cozy atmosphere from the beginning, Fletcher made sure it was a personal fun experience and he made sure all of our needs were met and it was nothing but special! I would say they played a part in the entire evening. The DJ’s can make or break a party, and they put on quite the party! From the “fishbowl” to the music they played the entire night was full of memories. They made sure they played music that got people up and dancing and not one person was bored. I loved that I got a comment from almost every single person (183 guests) about how WONDERFUL my DJ was. Look forward to seeing Fletcher in a tear for my brother’s wedding. They decided to book him the night of mine 🙂

–Nikki & KC Waananen, July 24, 2010, Royalty House

We chose Music Box Productions because they were highly recommended by our photographer. We did look at 2 or 3 other Dj services. The pricing was all within a couple hundred dollars (Music Box was a little higher), but after meeting with them, their professionalism was outstanding. Definitely worth the money. Joe you did a great job. Thanks so much for making our wedding special!

–Olivia & Mark Smith, July 1, 2010, Sycamore Hills

Dante & Aron did a fantastic job with the music for our ceremony and reception. They were kind and accommodating with our last minute requests as well. They kept the dance floor filled and made sure our guests had fun and that’s what was most important to us! They even got my brother on the dance floor, and with the exception of his own wedding, that had to be a first. Thank you for helping make our day special!

–Julie & Christian Mauck, June 26, 2010 Royal Park Hotel

There is nothing that needs to be improved about your service, everything was perfect, the whole night went together so well. We chose Music Box productions because we had heard our Dj at another family wedding and knew we had to have him at our wedding, plus when the owner talks to you and listens in return it made us feel like we were the only clients they had…that is a major A++++++ in our books. If you are looking for great service, friendly people to work with and all in all a wonderful night for you and your guests, you need to choose Music Box Productions.

–Lisa & Scott Wille, May 22, 2010, Lakeland manor

Joe & Andrea- You should know that we received multiple comments on what great Djs you were! We chose Music Box Productions because being able to have a choice of DJ, the opportunity to work with him or her prior to the event and their willingness to accommodate our requests. Our favorite memory was the Bride & Groom entrance, thank you for you going along with all of our quirky requests. Scott was extremely happy with the reaction he received from all of the guests as he carried me in over his shoulder. We’ll be sure to recommend you to any friends/family in the near future!

–Erika & Scott Wells, May 1, 2010, Addison Oaks

2009 and older imi

Great Polish and presentation when we called, visited and had a demo. Joe and Kimberly’s enthusiasm combined with the strong technology and knowledge on display made your team an easy choice. Other’s we’d met with had a hobbyist feel and just did not ooze humble confidence the way MB does.

–Sara & Chris Walters, October 31, 2009, Addison Oaks

I was just writing to tell you what a fabulous job Eric did for my wedding. The music was great all night long, and they did great mixing the indian music in with the other stuff. Eric actually helped Fal and I out a lot, for some reason the staff at the hotel kept holding off dinner during the speeches and we wanted it to keep moving and Eric help to facilitate all of that as well, even though it wasn’t his job to do so. He did a great job, thanks again for your services.

–Jeannine & Falgun Rathod, October 16, 2009, Royal Park Hotel

Music Box Productions runs their business with the consumer as their #1 priority. I called several DJ companies (many highly rated and recommended) and none of them could hold a candle to Music Box Productions’ passion for making your wedding a success. Kim spent an hour on the phone with me as I literally berated her with questions. I can be a pretty tough sell and she definitely won me over. MBP charges slightly more for their services but for good reason. They have nothing but highly trained, professional DJs working for them and their backup system is flawless. You can feel confident that MBP will provide the quality of service and equipment outlined in your contract even if the actual wedding day presents any unforeseen circumstances. Fletcher was my DJ and he was truly outstanding. He kept our crowd dancing and even went out of his way to check on my husband and I to ensure everything (not just the music) was meeting our standards. We truly enjoyed working with Fletcher and were thrilled to have him play such an integral role in our wedding reception. I think the triple encore he received is a true testament to the work he did to keep our crowd engaged.Thank you so much for the work you guys did to ensure our wedding was a success! We are so thrilled that we worked with MBP!

–Kari & John Sterling, October 2, 2009, Blossom Heath Inn

Everything was beyond our expectations! We chose MBP over other services because of the professionalism, courtesy and comfortable atmosphere. The entire set-up is great. Nobody was pushy about us making our decision. All staff was very friendly. Joe was absolutely amazing. His personality and willingness to please went way over our expectations. I will be recommending Music Box to everyone we know. Fletcher was also great! He answered many questions and was always kind and upbeat! Everyone was great to work with. You guys are a wonderful team! Thanks again! 🙂

–Christina & Stephen Nagengast, September 25, 2009, Concorde Inn

Hi Kimberly, Fletcher did an amazing job at our wedding. He was timely, rofessional, courteous to everyone, and everyone had a fantastic time. The second DJ that came with him on that day was just the same. They both did an amazing job! I would recommend him to anyone. I think that coming from me this should mean a little something because I was a very nervous bride when picking all of my vendors. I took a lot of time to ensure I picked the right ones and Fletcher is proof that I did. I also want to thank you for your professionalism over the past year. You run a great company! You also were very nice to Chris and I over the year. It really helps dealing with people that are like you and your staff during the whole wedding planning process. There were times when things got stressful and when we talked to you or your staff and it put us at ease. I cannot thank you enough. We believe Fletcher is an asset to your company as we are sure you already know that:) Our wedding was amazing and totally worth every step of the planning process.

–Maria & Chris Sarniak, September 12, 2009, Arnaldo’s

Music Box seemed to be the most personable DJ company. Other places I visited seemed to be running or managing too many DJs/events. We also really liked the personality we could see through videos of each DJ online. Dini and I were completely satisfied with the services DJ Tony provided. We both had an awesome time and all of our guests did too. The beat mixing and song selections were perfect and kept everyone dancing until the very end. Thanks again for doing such a great job! We will definitely recommend you guys to friends!

–Adina & Dennis Feng, August 8, 2009, Penna’s of Sterling

Hi all at Music Box, in particular Crash and his assistant, You guys ROCK!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for a GREAT party, for all the hard work, and for making everyone – including myself – dance until we DROPPED! All the guests had nothing but love and praise for you guys.Thank you for making our wedding the celebration to remember forever!!!

–Maria & William Swinton, July 18, 2009, White Lake Oaks

We were guests at a wedding before ours and had so much fun because of Music box and Rod that we knew we wanted him at our wedding!!!! Even if the price tag was more I would have paid it without hesitation… From the moment I called and talked to Kim to the final good bye after the reception I was in lust with the service! Words or ratings can not explain how professional,
personable, awesome, and all together an A+ this company is! I would recommend Music Box to ANY and ALL brides!

–Brittany & Nathan Kalso, July 17, 2009, Rivercrest

Tony did a phenomenal job keeping the entire weddings attention, varying music to the mood (which was wild by the way) and played what everyone wanted to hear – great dance music. Slow songs disappeared and the crowd seamed to just keep growing with hit after hit. I think at one point he was evening spinning discs which was awesome. Being the groom, I thought that I would spend the majority of my time talking table to table, but the music was just so great, I danced (and I don’t dance). Between Tony and the attendees we had a match made in heaven! Guests from out of state, all over the country, said that Tony was by far the best DJ they have ever seen at a wedding – we would have to agree.

–Gillian & Matt Kutches, June 27, 2009, Zuccaro’s

I wish that I could have marked a “15” for Courtesy and Helpfulness above because Joe and Kim were awesome! When we first went to Music Box to hear about their services, Kim was absolutely fantastic! We loved that we got to choose our own DJ from a number of awesome choices (something not even our photographer provided us with)! The price for the amount and quality of services provided was by far better than other companies we looked at. Of all the things a bride can’t plan for on her wedding day, I ended up with a horrific migraine. As soon as Joe and Kim caught wind of my condition, they immediately started asking what I wanted them to do to make my night better. They made sure I was as comfortable as possible by offering to lower the volume of the music, change the lighting, change the schedule of the evenings’ events, etc. Joe and Kim were as concerned about my happiness as my mom! Upon finding me in the bathroom alone and obviously ill, Kim took the time to find my bridesmaids and send them in to help me. Joe and Kim could have “played dumb” to the fact that I didn’t feel well and simply done the job that they were hired to do, but instead they took the time to be genuinely concerned about me, and for this, they will always be a part of my wedding day stories! Joe and Kim’s presence at our reception made the night a perfect (110%) success! One million “Thank You’s” won’t cover it how happy we were!

–Stephanie & Eric Howay, June 27, 2009, Greystone Golf & Banquet

We chose Music Box productions because they were recommended by friends for the video services. After viewing your web page, talking with staff, and comparing to other DJs interviewed, we decided on Music Box as our DJ also, based on what we perceived as professionalism and experience. Dante’s suggestion of having the bartender make tequila sunrises during the song Mas Tequila (Groom’s song request) for guests. It was a big hit with both myself and the guests. Dante and Paulina were both extremely friendly, professional and personal. Dante was in constant contact (as appropriate) with us to make sure we were both happy, and if there was anything else he/they could be doing, asked if volume was OK, etc. Dante also asked, when appropriate, about certain guest requests that did not match our preferences, and was very responsive and attentive when we would approach him with any requests. I would and have recommend(ed) Dante and Music Box without hesitation.

–Jennifer & John Ralston, June 13, 2009, The Inn at St. John’s Kim (and Rod),

I would just like to let you know how impressed I was with my first consultation visit with you yesterday! I was blown away with how friendly you and Rod were. You answered all of my questions and more! I am so grateful that I came across your company because I am confident that you guys are going to make my wedding reception rock! Thank you so much for all of your help! We are so excited to work with Fletcher!! Looking forward to working with Music Box!! ~Kim and Rich~May 30, 2009~Penna’s Sterling

This was one of the DJ services recommended by my wedding planner, Jen House. After researching all the options…MBP looked the most fun and energetic! I was awesome that you were able to find K-K-Katy. It is an extremely old, not well known song and it meant a lot to me and my family to have it played. It was so special to have my grandmother sing along with it with a twinkle in her eyes. Thanks so much for that! We had an amazing time, the music was perfect and the energy of Rod and Aaron was awesome!! We had such a great time…you even told us at parties of 300+ people they didn’t party as hard as our group of 70! It is all because of you guys and the great music selection and dj-ing! Just saying thank you will never be enough!

–Kate & Boyce Elliott, March 28, 2009, Dearborn Inn

We had the BEST DJ ever!!!! We got married on Jan 31st 2009 and we still have people talking!!! Great people and really know how to get the energy going… They were amazing and really glad that they were there!!! (Joe was our DJ and he was amazing!!!!!!) Really loved working with them and will continue to!

–Jackie & Joe Thomas, January 31, 2009, Sycamore Hills

I could not have been more pleased with Music Box Productions from start to finish in our planning process. Kim was so wonderful and helpful, she made me feel like she was truly interested in my wedding. We chose Rod as our DJ and he did an outstanding job. Guests were telling us that he was the best wedding DJ that they had ever seen. Very professional, they delivered on all of their promises. I am so glad that I found Music Box and chose them for our special day. I would highly recommend them to every engaged couple.

–Lisa & Aaron Thierry, January 31, 2009, Addison Oaks

Joe and Tim made our wedding hands down the best and most enjoyable wedding that people have ever been to. We had so many compliments on how great they were. Everything went perfectly and the dance floor was never empty – not once. The whole night just flowed from one thing to the next. About (50%) of our guests stayed until the last song was played. When we chose a DJ my mom had initially wanted me to go with something a little cheaper but I just felt that you guys were the right choice. She was so glad I stuck with what I felt was right. She had a great time and once missed one song.I’m thankful for Music Box taking such great care of us before and during our wedding. Again Joe and Tim were amazing and the pictures they sent us were very thoughtful.

–Lisa & Brad Kegebein, January 17, 2009, Burton Manor

Dear Rod & the Music Box Productions Group,
We wanted to give much thanks for the amazing job that you did with our wedding. We knew from our first meeting that you were the right company to go with for our wedding. We knew that our guests would have a good time, but we never expected the number of people to tell us over and over again what a great DJ company we had! Rod made it so much fun for us and all of our guests-it was a blast and a night that we will remember for the rest of our lives!-I’m sure Rod will remember Nick chasing him around the room with frosting in his hand too! As I’m sure you hear over and over again, please let us thank you one more time for making our wedding the absolute best! We would recommend you hands down to anyone!

–Nick and Melissa Fecht, October 27, 2007, The Banquet Center at MacRay Harbor

We just wanted to say thanks for a great night. Not only did we have fun but every guest did too. We have been getting phone calls for the last week from guest who said you were one of the best DJ’s they had ever had. Once again thanks for a great night and for keeping the party going the whole night. Thanks Fletcher!

–Jennifer & Joe Langdorf, January 5, 2008, Mac N Rays

It has truly been a pleasure to work with Rod, Kim, Fletch and the team. We connected with them on a personal level even before our first meeting. As soon as we booked a meeting with them, we did not interview anyone else. And when we met with them, they understood our vision for a Renaissance themed wedding ceremony and celebration feast. And they not only delivered upon it, but they wrote a new chapter in our fairy tale wedding. The team was very thorough with all levels of service and handled every detail – from searching for our hard to find quirky songs to precise timing of the ceremony music. I am in the event planning business and it is not easy for me to turn over the reigns on a project, especially on our wedding day. And I would not trust anyone else to be a part of our special day. We onsider them part of our circle of friends.

–Kim & Rob Lehman, September 20, 2008, The Gem Theater

The first time I met Kimberly; I knew everything would turn out great. She was so full of energy and enthusiasm. She was able to answer all of my questions and even showed us a video of a
previous wedding reception. Rod and Aaron did an amazing job. They were both professional, but also personable and knew how to have a good time. The dance floor was packed the entire night. We did not want the music to stop! We were amazed at how many people were still on the dance floor at midnight. Rod and Aaron were able to get people of all ages onto the dance floor – not just the young crowd. They did a great job incorporating the Greek music selections! The “Sing- Along” songs at the end were so great!. Thank you so much for making my wedding so perfect! I truly believe that having a great DJ makes the whole wedding. No one wanted the night to end!
We had so many compliments. Thanks so much!

–Kristin & Jim Kafantaris, July 12, 2008, Athenium

We chose Music Box because they came highly recommended from other vendors. We thought Dante fit all of the qualities we were looking for in a DJ. Our favorite memory was seeing everyone on the dance floor at the end of the night doing the Chicken Dance! Everyone looked like they were having so much fun! We also loved the MSU fight song!
Dante & Nick were great. Dante played all the songs we asked for during our planning session, so we loved hearing all our music & requests (the guests did too). We liked that Dante really took time during the planning session to find the perfect music for our wedding.

–Nicole & Kevin Kiefer, July 12, 2008, The Inn at St. John’s

We chose Music Box Productions because I heard great reviews off theKnot.com & always had a wonderful experience with Kim and Fletcher in the office. I loved being out on the dance floor
doing the hustle and Sherman saying: “Is That my bride out there? Everyone make some noise for Adrienne!” It made me smile. Sherman was awesome!! Everyone at our wedding commented on how great the music was and how friendly our DJ was. I couldn’t have been more pleased. I am definitely recommending you guys for all other friends that are getting married.

–Adrienne & Marc Petty, April 26, 2008, 30 North Pontiac

Even till this day, I receive compliments about how awesome the DJ was at our wedding. Rod, I cannot thank you enough for your DJ excellence that you displayed at our wedding. Rod, you truly were the lifeblood/pulse of our wedding reception.

–Dana & John Staniszewski, December 29, 2007, Greek Assumption Center

Good morning Rod (and Kim),
Thank you so much for turning our wedding reception into a FANTASTIC party! You and your team did a WONDERFUL job of managing the music for a very diverse crowd!
We had four very different groups of people at our wedding – the “mature” crowd, the Indian crowd, the alternative crowd and the young, hip hop crowd. Yet you somehow managed to seamlessly navigate through the musical selections of each group and kept the dance floor packed for most of the evening!
I personally received many compliments regarding your services. Matt and I would definitely want you to DJ any event we throw in the future. We will certainly recommend you to anyone seeking DJ services. Best wishes to both of you and once again, thank you for making our dreams of an AWESOME wedding reception come true!

–Taara & Matt Donley, December 15, 2007, Troy Marriott /

We chose Music Box because the Videos seemed to show a good quality of service and the price was good. MBP went above the normal DJ service. You guys acted as friends and not service providers. They even made sure we had enough to eat and brought us refreshments without asking-it wasn’t even their job, but they took care of us.

–Mackenzie & Carl Morlock, September 9, 2007, Garden Park

We chose Music Box because of a reference from Andrea, who happens to work there. We were very impressed with everything. One of our favorite memories was Eric helping Jimmy’s brother put his spare tire back on his truck after someone tried to steal it. It was a very eventful night! Eric helped to create wonderful memories at our reception. Eric and Mike did a wonderful job. They really connected with everyone, especially Eric. We could not have asked for a better reception. All of the guests said they really enjoyed the music and had a blast!! Thank you so very much!!

–Jenny & Jimmy Starnes, August 25, 2007, Barrister House

Dante really was top-notch. There were many compliments covering everything from his presentation to the music selection to his guest interaction. We chose Music Box because Kimberly did a great job selling the company and providing great knowledge/assistance in the initial meeting. Incredible professionalism with no sales pressure.Our favorite memory was the fantastic gimmick/incentive to get folks on the dance floor and then be able to keep them there. The incentive was good, but the staying power reinforced it. Dante and Jeff kept the dance floor packed the whole time. It helped that they seemed involved versus just doing a job. We are grateful!

–Cara & Todd Mercer, August 25, 2007, The Inn at St. John’s

We chose Music Box because they were recommended by others, priced right, and friendly service. Our favorite memory was the Anniversary dance. They asked what advice they could give us, it was a memorable moment. We never worried over the DJ services. It was one thing off of our worry list. Rod and Kim set our minds at ease, even when we had some minor last minute changes to make. Thank you for all of the helpful advice and for allowing us to enjoy our night without worry. Thank you.

–Heather & Matt Murphy, August 17, 2007, Fore Lakes Golf Club

The main reason we chose Music Box over other DJ services because we liked the fact that 2 DJ’s would be coming, that there was back up equipment, and the initial presentation by Kim was excellent! Our favorite memory was the first song that anyone could dance to. Tony and Jeff were able to get every couple (200 people) on the dance floor to dance to the first slow song. Anything we needed was taken care of by them. They played all the songs we wanted to hear, and we were very selective about our music. We picked our entire set list for the entire night and they put it together fantastically! I’m a very picky person, and they exceeded my expectations! I would recommend them to anyone! They truly made our wedding the best one ever! Thanks for everything!

–Michelle & Nicholas Fortuna, August 4, 2007, The Mirage

We chose Music Box because we were impressed with the professionalism and organization. We felt at ease that the events of the evening would be carried out as we asked them to be. However, I also knew that Fletcher would be creative and add his own experience to the night. I don’t have one specific memory but I do remember stepping back and thinking –Wow everyone is dancing and really having a great time. Fletcher & Craig interested and involved in the reception. Tom and I really want to thank Fletcher and Craig. You both did an amazing job! I would highly recommend you and Music Box to any Bride/Groom. So many of our guests have commented they never danced and had so much fun at a wedding as they did at our wedding. You both made the night flow smoothly and exceeded our expectations. Thank you for helping to make our ceremony and reception so wonderful!

–Amy & Tom Wenker, August 4, 2007, Oakhurst Golf and Country Club

We booked Music Box because Rod and his staff were the most professional production co. that we met with prior to our wedding. I felt confident that they would do a great job. Our favorite memory was Rod and Aaron getting our guests pumped up and dancing. We all really had fun dancing. I loved the part when they played some techno, our guests really loved it too! Thanks Rod for coordinating the day and makings sure that everything went smoothly. You did an awesome job!

–Stephanie & Atay Tanulku, July 21, 2007, Pine Knob Mansion

The main reason we chose Music Box was personality! I spoke with several companies, but the staff at Music Box was great and so easy to deal with!! Sherman was amazing!!! Our favorite memory was the last song, we requested our choice and the DJ’s played it and both got involved with us and our families!!! It was a blast!!! Sherman and Aaron were both able to play for the assortment of people dancing. Although I prefer Hip-Hop/Rap, the DJ’s were able to determine what our guests liked and kept them on the dance floor all night!!! They made our wedding perfect!! Thank you all for an amazing experience!! Music Box Rocks!!

–Michelle & Peter Paulus IV, July 13, 2007, The Roostertail

The main reason we chose Music Box was other DJ services lacked the enthusiasm that Music Box Productions staff had. Plus they seemed to have a set format for the reception, while Music Box was more flexible. Music Box was dedicated from the moment we met to making our reception a night to remember. Our favorite memory was that Music Box encouraged everyone to dance right away! The dance floor was packed the entire night. There were people on the dance floor that we didn’t even know danced! Sherman and Kim were awesome! We had more compliments on the DJ’s than any other vendor. Everyone had a great time dancing! It has been a month since the wedding and people are still calling to tell us how great our reception was! Thank you for everything!

–Erin & Justin Terrien, June 30, 2007, Mirage

The main reason we chose Music Box over other DJ services was a family member used Music Box and I was impressed at initial meeting with services and DJ’s. Our favorite memory was Sherman played a song at dinner for my Grandma. She sat at her table with a grin singing and dancing along. It made our night to see her so happy! Words cannot describe how pleased we are. We have gotten so many compliments on the music and Sherman. One of my friends wants to book with Music Box and have Sherman and she isn’t even engaged yet. The music selection was great and kept us smiling all night. Sherman was so attentive too, that people thought he was family! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience, we will be singing your praises for a long time!

–Mary & Jamie Thomas, June 29, 2007, San Marino Club

The main reason we chose Music Box over other Djs was “when I first started calling around, Kim spent half an hour on the phone with me, and explained what to look for. It was really a selling point to us because when I spoke with her on the phone I felt she was giving me advice as a friend, not as a salesperson. We absolutely loved the music selection at our wedding. The two things that meant the most to us was the food and the music, both far exceeded our expectations. We would and will definitely recommend Music Box to anyone. Fletcher was great at watching and noticing what worked and did not work on the dance floor. He also did a great job of watching Nelson and I and making sure we were not rushed.”

–Adrianne & Nelson DeSousa, June 23, 2007, Penna’s of Sterling

The main reason we chose Music Box over other DJ services “was the personal service and the fact that you understood our style as a couple. We liked your experience & music knowledge too”. Our favorite memory “The old school music was awesome!!! Jumping around in my wedding dress during “Jump Around” was awesome! Loved your professionalism, would definitely work with you again & recommend you!
Thank You Kim & Rod!”

–Audra & Joshua Kovalchuk, June 22, 2007, Rivercrest

Dear Rod & Staff! What a great job you did on the occasion of our daughter, Melissa’s, wedding. Everyone had a wonderful time & thoroughly enjoyed the music. You did an amazing job of keeping everything rolling smoothly and before we knew it the evening was over! Thanks so much for the excellent Job. I’m sure everyone there would be happy to recommend your services. We all hated to see the evening end.

–Great Time, Thanks much, Jim & Jean Doyle
Melissa & Jake Estenson, June 16, 2007, Lochmoor Country Club

The main reason we chose Music Box over other DJ services was the energy Sherman brought to the table. We saw him at a previous wedding and he was great! We were so happy with our DJ’s. They were so attentive and guided us through each step of the night. They got everyone dancing and just made the night so much fun. Sherman is DJ’ing my brothers wedding, and we can’t wait!

–Glory & Don Fekete, June 8, 2007, Orlando’s

Thank you so much for being a part of our special day. It was an amazing, unforgettable night. The party was better than we had ever hoped and we you to thank for that! Everyone keeps telling us the music was perfect and the proof of that was when no one wanted to leave! Thank you for making it a perfect night, it was so wonderful working with you! Thank you to you and the rest of the staff, especially Kim. Everyone was so wonderful to work with and you all will be highly recommended.

–Erin & Craig Wentzell, May 26, 2007, Glenn Oaks

The main reason we chose Music Box over other DJ services was we heard DJ Craig at a wedding two years ago. He was very professional, attentive, and had great rapport with the bride and groom and their guests. We knew he would be a key ingredient in the entertainment success of the wedding. The entire evening was fantastic. Everyone enjoyed dancing and having fun late into the night. Our bridal party dance was especially memorable. DJ Craig helped us select a song fitting with the theme and mood of our special day.

–Amy & Dan Rose, May 11, 2007, Golden Hawk

The main reason that we chose Music Box: We had family and friends who had used them and we loved the music selection for Indian music. Our favorite memory: When the DJ played “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey as we were leaving, we had just asked for it to be played at some point – it was perfect! Dante and Mike were perfect. The mix of Indian and American music was a great balance. The songs played made it perfect for everyone to have fun.

–Sharmili & Stratton Edwards, May 5, 2007, Wabeek Country Club

We’ve had a chance to attend some other weddings since our own. After each wedding we’ve gone to, Jim and I have reflected on how thankful we are that we went with Music Box and Sherman! As we see our friend’s weddings, we are reminded how professional, fun, smooth, and carefree our experience was! Thank you for having a part in our special day. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Your company & Sherman was a wonderful and are out shining other companies!

–Rebecca & Jimmy Arnold, January 6, 2007, San Marino Club

Rod was great! We were out of town, but Rod was so easy to work with – great at pre-planning, extremely flexible, and worked in all our requests! In fact there were a few things we requested that I had forgot about by the time the wedding came – Rod got to them all and with great style! I actually didn’t meet Rod until the day of the wedding -what a pleasure to work with! By far one of the best vendors. I’d recommend him to everyone.

–Katie & Adam Madigan, August 5, 2006, Polo Fields

Dante & Fletcher did a great job for our wedding. We had a wonderful time. The dance floor was always packed with happy guests. We got great feedback from our guests. They really enjoyed the music selection and mix of Arabic/American songs. Dante & Fletcher were very professional and friendly. We would highly recommend them to our friends. Thank You.

–Sherine & Dan Awad, September 9, 2006, Masonic Temple

Sherman & Aaron were awesome! They played the songs we requested along with a few that we didn’t pick, but still fit well with the night. We received so many great comments about Sherman’s performance! Sherman went above and beyond his duties and made sure we were always happy! Sherman was perfect! Thanks so much for making our night perfect!

–Melissa and Anthony Laginess, September 30, 2006, Crystal Gardens

We knew from the day we first met that Music Box would be our choice. The helpfulness and thoroughness of the company and its DJ’s made planning a wedding much easier and worry free. Eric and Fletcher were great with us, family members, and all the other guests at the wedding. The music selections were a huge hit and everyone had an amazing time dancing to the music, or just mingling and humming or toe tapping along with it. Thank you everyone for making a wonderful night even more amazing.

–Erin & Jimmy Tack, October 7, 2006, Gino’s Surf

Rod and the Music Box Staff,
WOW! What a wedding! Thanks to the awesome DJs and Video staff. We rocked the night out & some awesome footage was taped. We really appreciate everything your company did for us. Our wedding will never be forgotten. You all did a great job and we thank you so much.

–Valerie and Ryan Rzepka, July 28, 2006
The Inn at St. John’s Grand Ballroom

Kimberly & Fletcher,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your unparalleled service and all of your help making my wedding great. I feel that having the ability to provide superior service is a gift you truly have and it is reflected in you and your employees. Please extend my thanks to Andrea as well for being so helpful taking all of my phone calls. She is awesome! Fletcher, thank you so much for a great night. I wish you much more success & will keep your business cards handy for referrals.

–Emily and Mark Socia, July 15, 2006, Blossom Heath

We are so pleased with Sherman and Music Box Productions. We had so many guests come up to us and ask about the company, everyone enjoyed the music selection, DJ’s and the volume. Your staff is extremely friendly and always there for questions or concerns. We will sure use Music Box for future functions. Thank you for a memorable wedding!

–Heather and William Shene, July 15, 2006
Best Western Concorde Inn

On behalf of the Ritz-Carlton, Dearborn thank you and congratulations on a fabulous job on the Bhatt Popat Wedding Celebration. I hope you and your staff are as proud of yourselves as we are impressed. The host and guests were so pleased that I am confident we will be working together in the future once again.

–Rebecca Maziarz-Catering Sales Manager & Wedding Specialist Ritz-Carlton Dearborn
Rina and Anup Popat, July 2, 2006

Dear Rod, Aaron & Kim-
Thank you so much f0r the unbelievable service we received from Music Box Productions. Kim, you made us feel comfortable from the minute we met- we are very thankful for that. Rod & Aaron, you guys were amazing. Everyone has been raving about the music & your presentation; you guys helped make our night perfect. I will never forget seeing my (maternal) Grandma & (paternal) Grandpa shaking their booties to “Atomic Dog.” You have our sincere thanks and heartfelt recommendation.

–Grateful, Liz and Eric Minni, July 1, 2006
Barrister Gardens

Loved Dante! He was super helpful and friendly right from the get go. Dante kept us updated and informed the whole night. In fact, I think some mistook him for Dave’s best man! Thanks for an awesome evening-one we’ll remember for the rest of our day!

–Kelly and David Lenda, May 20, 2006
Meadow Brook Hall

Music Box did an awesome job from our initial call to them continuing through the planning process. They quickly responded to any emails or phone calls I made. The evening of our wedding, our DJs were fabulous. Craig made sure everything went smoothly, made sure my husband and I were happy with how everything was going, he even got us a round of drinks! Thanks for helping to make our day go off without a glitch!

–Kristen and Joe Pytel, June 16, 2006 Andiamo Italia

Tony was very gracious with my parents and some of their last minute cultural requests. Tony was extremely professional and accommodated superbly to the changes requested. He pronounced many difficult names eloquently and had a great attitude throughout. My guests of all ages were dancing and the wedding party had a blast at the end of the night. He obviously loves what he does and is very talented and experienced. Thanks so Much!

–Jane and Andrew Steiger, May 20, 2006, Mac and Ray’s

All of our guest talked about how great the music was. They also commented on how nice the DJ was. We had SO much fun dancing, there were a few things that we asked to be changed, and the DJs were so accommodating and kind in honoring our requests. We have already recommended Music Box to friends who are getting married. Thank you for being so wonderful to work with. From planning to our big day we had no worries with your company in charge!

–Janel and Joe Lentine, May 7, 2005, Sterling Inn

Jen & Chuck set the tone for their guest by letting go and partying all night long on the dance floor. But I also have to give huge props to their DJs, Music Box Productions, who were the best DJs I’ve EVER heard at a wedding. Sherman was a fabulous emcee and I’m so sorry that I don’t remember the name of the person with him..But seriously.. if you want to have a real party.. these guys are the best. The actually did live mixing, which unfortunately a lot of wedding DJs don’t do, and they were soooo good, soooo flawless with their mixing that they were able to keep an impromptu limbo line going for at least 20 minutes! I’ve heard a lot of DJs..and I don’t think I’ve met one yet that can hold a candle to these guys. Fabulous choice, Jen & Chuck!

–Quote from Anne Ruthmann, Photography Website
Chuck and Jen Poljanac, May 13, 2006
Indianwood Country Club.

Eric was an awesome D.J. and we could not have gotten through the night without his help, support, and advice. He was always honest with us and supported our decisions. I really liked it how he frequently visited my husband and I to make sure everything was to our liking! Eric kept our party going and entertained our guests all throughout the night. We received so many comments after the wedding about how packed the dance floor was and how well our D.J. did. Our cousin was so impressed she is thinking of having you do her wedding next year. Anthony and I had a wonderful time at our wedding, part of that was due to the services you provided. Please let us know if there is anything we can do in the future to help.

–Laura and Anthony Farchone, June 25, 2005
San Marino Club

Having never planned or been part of a wedding before, I was nervous about making the best choices. The first time we walked into the Music Box office, my husband and I were pleased with the help we received. The second time we went in to meet Craig, we knew we had the right DJ for the job. Craig did his best to make sure we knew exactly what was going on and what songs we could use that suited us. He was very friendly and outgoing and made both my husband and I feel incredibly comfortable and at ease. The day of the wedding I was pleased to see both Craig and Kim setting a great tone for our reception. They did an amazing job and I highly recommend them. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for an unforgettable wedding!

–Allison and Joseph Komjathy, July 1, 2005
Barrister Gardens

We cannot begin to tell you how wonderful our experience was. Rod put us at ease at our planning meeting. He helped us pick songs and get our timeline straight. The day of, Rod was there to greet our limo, he got the entire party under control, he directed us to when and where we should be. He had everything under control. We didn’t have to think at all, we just enjoyed our day. The music was great, wonderful selection and perfect volume. All night long and even weeks after, our guests are still telling us what a fabulous D.J. we had. You made our day perfect, Thank You!

–Janeal and Tim Kalohn, November 12, 2005
Indianwood Country Club

Eric and Dante hands down were the best DJs for our wedding. We will also go as far as to say we have never seen a better pair. As we showed up for cocktail hour, I turned around and there were Eric and Dante. Their execution of the MC duties was flawless. Most importantly you could see the excitement and passion they have for their job. We saw Eric’s video and knew he was the DJ for us! We knew Eric would be able to get everyone to the dance floor. Eric and his co-DJ Dante went above my expectations! It seemed like he was always two steps away. Every time I had a request he was there–amazing! I could write a short story about how Eric is the best DJ for a fun exciting wedding; just trust me, if you want fun and exiting book Eric! This is the type of DJ you remember for the rest of your life!

–Marcia and Pete Schmitz, July 31, 2004
Greenfield Village

Tony was absolutely fabulous. We had so many compliments on music selection and everyone loved the request cards. He kept the crowd going and the dance floor was never empty. He and Michael checked with us about the order of the reception and wanted to make sure we were happy. We loved the way they worked the crowd, too. They were a hit and we didn’t have to worry about anything, they took care of us and played the perfect blend of music to appeal to all guests young and old. We would definitely recommend to friends!!

–Kelly and Brian Adams, August 7, 2004
Twin Lakes Country Club

Thank you, thank you, thank you! For making my wedding day perfect. I have never had such a good time. With so many things to worry about, I appreciated the worry-free entertainment. Many of my quests asked for your name for their own parties. You found the song I wanted to hear on short notice and it meant so much to Joe and I. The ambiance was great for setting up a party mood. Thank you again for doing everything you said you would and more!

–Sarah and Joseph Hanna, June 5, 2004, Petrozello’s

Dante was wonderful! He kept our entire wedding reception organized and flowing!! I had no idea of all the timing that had to be done to keep our night going!! Dante was in contact with the photographer, hall coordinator, our videographer and us all evening! We had no doubts in booking your company based on so many other weddings we’ve been to! We are happy to pass your name along with an excellent review. We thank you for helping to make our wedding “perfect”.

–Kari and Steve Suchota, April 17, 2004, Partridge Creek

Fantastic job! We had many compliments from our wedding guests on how great the DJs were. One thing I would really like to point out is that Music Box DJs don’t just play music. They really serve as entertainers, coordinators and emcees. They really kept everything moving all night, and kept guests informed on what was going on. Music Box was our first and only choice for DJ. Once again, you have lived up your reputation! Thanks for making our wedding rock!

–Anna and Jason Yelencich, November 28, 2003 Sterling Inn

We wanted to personally thank you and the entire Music Box staff for helping make our wedding day better than we could have ever expected. From the first day we met you, our fears of finding a great DJ were over. The friendly service that you and the entire staff exhibited needs to be commended. No matter how many times we had questions, someone was always available to provide a response. The efforts Music Box took to make sure all the details were in place long before the wedding was very impressive. Rarely do you find a company committed to customer service the way you are at Music Box. We were very impressed that Music Box took the initiative to call us and set up the pre-wedding consultation and also how you kept us informed on the status of the video. Not once did we ever have to call you and try to figure out where things stood. The communication from Music Box is exceptional.

–Bob and Emily McCurdy, September 12, 2003
Baypoint Golf Club

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