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Planning your wedding, a corporate party, fundraiser, school dance or a milestone life event? One thing is 100% certain – the entertainment you choose will have significant impact on the outcome. Therefore, it is important to consider what you ultimately want and what you expect from your Michigan Disc Jockeys; a fun filled celebration with your guests dancing full out until the end of the night or a humdrum event that most of the guests leave early because they’re not engaged to have fun and celebrate.

There is plenty to see here so hang out & surf for a few; view videos of our disc jockeys in action or find ideas and inspiration on our blog. Remember as you experience life’s triumphs it’s the celebration that will provide you with some of the most memorable moments; you can wait for those moments to happen by chance or you can make them happen! Let us help to create moments that you will reminisce about for a lifetime.

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