Meet Our Team
  • Fletcher Price

    Hi there! My name is Fletcher Price and I have been in the world of entertainment since I was a child. My career began at the age of 3 on stage and in front of cameras acting and modeling. So being in front of a crowd has never been…

  • Rod Burnette

    I am Rod. I am not your typical chicken-dance-hokey-pokey-macarena-thank-you-goodnight kind of DJ. I am articulate, confident, detail oriented, well-seasoned, well versed, intelligent, energetic and truly appreciate a great party.

    Give me your different ideas and allow me to create a party different than all of the other weddings you’ve been…

  • Kyle Dubie

    Hello! My name is Kyle Dubie, and rumor has it I am a DJ. I was born in Michigan, but I‘ve spent most of the last 25 years in a little resort town called Virginia beach. There I held a DJ position for…

  • Andrea Owens

    Hello there. My name is Andrea but around here I’m known as Andi-O. I have been with Music Box Productions since early 2005, and Music Box has been not just a job but a part of my life as well….

  • Kat Kelly

    Hello! My name is Kathleen, but most people call me Kat!

    I have studied music, dance, theatre and film for the majority of my 30+ years on this planet! I graduated from Specs Howard School of Media Arts with a Diploma in radio, video, and film production…

  • Jasmine Graham

    Hello beautiful people,

    I am Jasmine Graham. Although I started at Music Box in 2017 my love for music began many years ago. Growing up my family filled the house with sounds that fed my musical enchantment. My first introduction to music was gospel, R&B and soul music. As I…

  • Craig Chynoweth

    Hi! My name is Craig, aka Smokey. My friends at Music Box call me Smokey because by day, I’m a fire fighter for Shelby. It’s after I’m done putting out fires and saving lives that I get to have the thrill of…

  • Aaron Byrnes

    Hello. My name is Aaron Byrnes, and I’ve been a part of the Music Box Team since the Summer of 2000. It’s my belief that the best way to describe yourself is with what other people have to say about you. Some…

  • Karic Jones

    Hi, My name is Karic.

    When i am not DJ’ing I am coaching high school soccer at Pontiac HS.

    As a graduate of U of  D with a degree in Psychology and Communication, I am pursuing a career in the school psychology field.

    I got into DJ’ing in high school helping my…

  • Jonquil Gibbs

    Greetings to all! My name is Jonquil Gibbs, but you can call me Q. Born and raised right here in the Motor City on the Westside; forever a “Detroiter”, Music is Life to me.

    There’s always some song rambling on in my…

  • Neiro De Rubeis

    Passion is the spice that heats up life, just like
    me. Hello there, my name is Neiro De Rubeis, but the party people of Detroit
    have dubbed me HabaNeiro. So when it comes to spicing up life or adding a
    little fire to the dance floor I know how to cook up…

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