Add Ons

A Unique Touch To Enhance The Uniqueness Of Your Event…

Every Sweet 16 teen aspires for a party that her friends will talk about until she is 18.

Every graduate studied diligently to achieve their diploma and family & friends will rally together to share in the joy of accomplishment.

Every couple shares a one-of-a-kind love and their wedding celebration will have a distinct flair that reflects their style & personalities.

Every corporation has a competitive edge that differentiates their company from their industry peers and corporate functions and celebrations should encompass their culture and organizational pride.

In recognition of the unique individuals we celebrate and honor for a host of momentous reasons, why not add something cool and special enhances the spirit of the event.  Put your guest of honor’s name in lights with Custom Monogram Lighting, share a sentimental photo montage followed up with music videos for dancing with our VJ services or for the ultimate in fun a Shutterbooth to capture all the silliness and fun your family and friends can express behind the black curtain.  There are many ways to add special, fun and unique to your celebration and Music Box Productions would love to compliment the creativity of your party.