Rod Burnette

I am Rod. I am not your typical chicken-dance-hokey-pokey-macarena-thank-you-goodnight kind of DJ. I am articulate, confident, detail oriented, well-seasoned, well versed, intelligent, energetic and truly appreciate a great party.

Give me your different ideas and allow me to create a party different than all of the other weddings you’ve been to.

My background starts in northern California, 1984. This is where I got my start in the DJ world. I then joined the Navy where I worked with Armed Forces Radio and Television for five years. I then moved on to Commercial Radio in a Top 40 radio station in Phoenix (KKFR). Radio brought me to Detroit where my wife and I opened Music Box Productions in 1994,

Since then, and countless weddings later, I have found excellent parties come from the attention to detail, personal service, being alive (not cheesy), and always surprising crowds of all ages by giving them music that they haven’t heard in a while. I make every attempt to avoid the “cliché” wedding music. Sometimes certain songs that we may consider overplayed wedding songs haveto be played but it is certainly not necessary to make a night of it. I am not suggesting that all obscurities need be played but having an imagination and a digital library sure help.

While blending the above abilities, I also think that it’s important to play guest requests, within reason of course. Knowing when to play a song is more important than having it. Reading your crowd, knowing when to talk on the microphone and knowing when to shut up are also traits you’ll find in me. Carrying friendly conversations with your guests also helps quite a bit in making for a great party. I’ll be on my feet during the entire dance portion because if I don’t feel the music that’s being played, how can your guests? DJ’s that sit should be on their couches at home.

Lastly, beat-mixing and music knowledge are icing on the cake. I like to mix. A tight, intelligent flow needs to occur to make your party flawless. We’ll meet a month before your event to discuss every detail to make your party the one they talk about when we’re all old and weird.