Jonquil Gibbs

Greetings to all! My name is Jonquil Gibbs, but you can call me Q. Born and raised right here in the Motor City on the Westside; forever a “Detroiter”, Music is Life to me.

There’s always some song rambling on in my head like I just can’t make it stop. It seems like every time someone speaks to me, I always try to relate what was said to some kind of song…It’s kind of a bad habit.

I have been Djing since 2009, but music and I have been friends for what feels like a lifetime. I used to write down the lyrics to songs that I recorded onto cassette tapes at 9 yrs old.

In the beginning, working with Music Box was like learning a new language. The best part is getting to learn something new all the time. Some songs may be old to you but new to me or vice versa, but that’s the one thing that keeps it fresh and fun for me! Music Box really opened my ears to a lot of music that I previously had heard for sure here and there, but was unfamiliar with. Through being a DJ at Music Box I now have high song familiarity across the board when it comes to music varieties.

I get excited at the fact that with every wedding brings a new, personal, and unique experience all wrapped in one. While DJing I sometimes just get lost in the whole atmosphere of the party. I start looking around and see smiles from people everywhere forgetting about everyday life and just genuinely enjoying the good times; it just puts me in the Zone! I absolutely love to give off good vibes, or help others relive old favorites; it always gets me when people walk up and say “Hey, what was that last song??” Or the feeling when people hear their jam from way back and be like “Ooooooooo!!! That’s my song!” I live for those reactions!

If I could DJ Monday-Sunday, I would without a shadow of a doubt. It is the one thing that I am passionate about in life; like love to do for real (other than watching ESPN). This is NOT a job to me folks.

At the end of the day, I am truly truly humbled to work for such an outstanding, detail orientated company that knows how to really make everyone (whether you work here or not) feel like family. These DJs, these people that I am surrounded by here are the best, honestly.