Andrea Owens

Hello there. My name is Andrea but around here I’m known as Andi-O. I have been with Music Box Productions since early 2005, and Music Box has been not just a job but a part of my life as well. Kimberly, Rod, and many of the rest of the crew here have seen me through many important events in my life including my own wedding, the birth of my child, and my college graduation. They have truly become family to me.

As soon as I became a member of the Music Box family,I immediately realized what an exceptional company I have been given an opportunity to work with. Since then, my passion for being a DJ has been cultivated by the fact that my co-workers and I strive for nothing but the best, with amazing results. We achieve this goal by staying on top of the style curve, adding such elements to our services as Video DJing; making sure we work with the most up to date equipment and freshest music library; and continuously providing the most professional and personalized service we possibly can to each and every client, be it a wedding, graduation party, or a prom. When you see the company you work for placing this much importance on every event, you cannot help but aim to match and exceed that effort every time.

I first became a DJ back in 1999 at a local roller rink, where I learned to expand my mind to all the different types of music out there. From there, I played music from my laptop computer for the fundraisers held in the bowling alley where I used to work. Possibly the greatest element of being a DJ is bringing music to the moments in people’s lives that they will remember forever. Knowing just the perfect song that will set the mood the guests are looking for is a gift, and at the end of the night, 200 or so guests chanting “one more song!” is a moment in my life that I will remember forever too!

Thanks to each of my parents unique love for music, I can appreciate all kinds, from rock, retro, and dance, to country, hip-hop and classical. Some of my favorites include Sublime, Led Zepplin, Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys, Johnny Cash, The Killers, Janis Joplin, M.I.A., Bob Marley, and the list goes on. Music knowledge is a skill I pride myself in as a DJ; and I believe that there is so much music in the world, that it would be impossible to know all of it! Therefore, it is incredibly fun for me to learn new things in a wide variety of genres, and to keep up with the changing times. It’s important to know what’s in and what’s out; what those particular songs are right now that will get a crowd moving. But if I get an eclectic bride and groom who want something a little more obscure for cocktails, my music knowledge allows me to not get caught with my mouth hanging open in puzzlement. Nothing makes me happier than choosing the right song for the right moment, the one that makes everybody want to pack the dance floor and sing along to the music. I love being a DJ, no matter the occasion. I could be spinning a bar, jumping around at a Mitzvah, or witnessing a couple’s first dance as bride and groom, but one fact remains consistent: music creates memories. Whether your event is a wedding or fundraiser or even a backyard party, the music can and will set the tone for the whole evening.

I am a vibrant, outgoing individual who loves to make people laugh just as much as I love music, yet I have a great sense of professionalism and know when to stay focused and on task.

Congratulations on your upcoming event and I hope to meet you soon!