Aaron Byrnes

Hello. My name is Aaron Byrnes, and I’ve been a part of the Music Box Team since the Summer of 2000. It’s my belief that the best way to describe yourself is with what other people have to say about you. Some people would say that I am a rebel (and I won’t deny it) More would say I’m a party animal. I won’t deny that simply because I’ve been throwing great parties since I had my drivers license. Much time has passed, and I’ve matured…a little.

I love weddings. The real reason that I have such a lovefor weddings is because when I’m at a wedding, everything else in my life disappears. The only thing that matters to me for that day and night is my bride and groom plus your crowd. The only thing that matters is your event..

Here’s the short list of what I bring to the table: I have very strong music knowledge, and can read crowds at weddings quite well. I’m also a pretty open minded guy, and very willing to learn new things (I even have a few international weddings under my belt). Beat mixing is another strong suit of mine, as well as the ability to keep your guests involved.

Weddings are a zen like experience for me. The best part of my week is when I’m at someone’s reception.

See You There!