Are you in over your head? Event Planners may be the prescription for you

Music Box Productions works with many vendors on a daily basis. Our vendors are awesome people that provide amazing services for our clients. We would like to display our appreciation to our vendors by bringing to light all of their incredible talents they add to the wedding industry.

Music Box works with a lot of wedding planners in the Metro-Detroit area. 2 Unique Caterers & Event Planners is located in Royal Oak and are at the top of our list.



2 Unique has been serving Metro-Detroit brides for over 22 years now and are an awesome company to work with. They are caterers/wedding planners with a ton of Michigan pride. 2 Unique caterers provide “made from scratch” food, using fresh and wholesome ingredients made in Michigan. They also provide excellent wedding planning services. Ever hear of the expression, killing two birds with one stone?

Planning a wedding is a lot harder than it sounds. There are many factors that go into planning a wedding including a venue, cater, florist, DJ, videographer, photographer and that’s just the beginning.

There’s also a ceremony site, cake, shutterbooth, transportation, dress, make up, and bridal party attire that need to be taken acre of as well. This doesn’t even include all the extra little things that happen prior to the event, such as, invitations, save the dates, engagement pictures and planning a bridal shower and bachelor/ bachelorette parties.

Bottom line is that weddings are EXPENSIVE!! The biggest mistake most newly engaged couples make is not hiring a wedding planner. Most couples see wedding planners as an unnecessary additional expense for their special day. If only they knew how much a wedding planner could help them during the planning process.

The following are some reasons why it is a smart choice to hire a wedding planner:


Time– Honestly, there is just not enough time in a day to plan every aspect of a wedding plus hold a full time job and any other requirements that play an important role within your life. Finding credible vendors is one task that is not easy to accomplish and is very time consuming. Our friends at 2 Unique provide their clients with a referral list full of vendors that they know from first hand are reliable and trustworthy. This cuts down valuable time that could be spent somewhere else.


$$$– Saving money is a huge factor in hiring a wedding planner. Yes, you pay for their services but most couples when hiring vendors completely forget about their budget. At 2 Unique they pride themselves on being active listeners. When a desired budget is announced they respect the boundaries and do there absolute best to give their clients everything they ask for without breaking your bank.


Stress– Planning anything in general is stressful, let alone planning the most special day of your life.2 Unique understands how stressful planning can be, especially for a client that has no experience in planning before. 2 Unique believes that if a couple tries not to look at the big picture but takes everything in baby steps the process over all will become less overwhelming and more enjoyable.


Professional Advice– Most engaged couples planning their wedding are planning for the very first time. With doing anything for the first time how do you know if you’re doing it correctly? The answer is… you don’t! 2 Unique have been become experts within the field and have lots of valuable advice that there always willing to share to with their clients. For when decisions have to be made and the couple are unsure what to do; 2 Unique tries its best to always be available for contact to help guide their clients into the right direction.


Day of Execution– While planning a wedding, day of coordination is the most overlooked detail. Typically the day of consists of the groom is getting ready with his groomsmen and the bride is with her bridesmaids. This leaves the question, who is at the ceremony and reception site making sure that everything looks and goes just as planned? 2 Unique offers their services to coordinate the day of event. They want their clients to be able to relax and enjoy their special day and leave all the details up to them.


Crisis Control– Whether it’s the florist is late or the minister is missing, no matter how precise you plan your day; unfortunately situations happen.2 Unique serves over 300 full service events per year and has the experience with dealing with unfortunate situations that occur. They are trained to handle any kind of bumps that can happen along the road and do it in a clam and professional manner.


When asked what’s the best advice you could give to a newly engaged couple that is planning for the first time 2 Unique suggested, “When it comes to your big day; breathe, believe & enjoy!!!”

For couples located in the Metro-Detroit area that are looking for an awesome caterer and wedding planner you must check out 2 Unique Caterers & Event Planners website at http://www.twounique.com/

What about you, have you thought about using a wedding planner?

What is it about a wedding planner that benefits you the most?

Are there any additional benefits you have received from hiring a wedding planner?

I’d love to hear about your wedding planning experiences!