Recipe for Hiring the Perfect DJ

It can be challenging to shop for a product or service that you’ve never purchased before. How do you know what to look for – what really matters? This post is for everyone who knows that a spectacular event happens because the DJ has all the experience and skills needed to keep the dance floor jumpin’!
So here are 5 things that really make the difference between an o.k. DJ and an outstanding DJ experience.

5 MUST Have Ingredients

Must #1 ~ Personally Selecting Your DJ.

Insuring that your DJ’s personality is the perfect fit for you and your celebration is a crucial ingredient for a fantastic party!  Make sure any DJ company you’re considering permits you to choose your DJ rather than said company assigning you which ever DJ they think is best for you.  During your selection process, it is important to witness the DJ in action before hiring him/her.  Keep in mind, regardless of the music the DJ is playing (ie. Polkas, waltzes, rock, dance or country) if the dance floor is full of guests of all ages the DJ has done his job accommodating everyone there.

Must #2 ~ Face-to-Face Planning With Your DJ Prior to Your Celebration. 

Meeting and planning with your DJ insures that he/she clearly understands your vision; additionally, a seasoned DJ can draw upon their experience to assist you in refining your vision when you need.  The outcome of planning is that your DJ will carry that vision forward and provide a seamless and flowing order of events throughout the celebration inclusive of following through with your musical guidelines.   

Must #3 ~ The music selection is tailor fit to you and your family and friends. 

No two parties are alike and should not be treated as such.  There is no “cookie cutter” formula when it comes to the music played; this means that the wedding we serviced last Saturday night should by no means be musically the same as your event. 

Must #4 ~ The DJ is ready,willing and able to accommodate all of your guests needs.  

Music request cards provide the avenue for your DJ to “feel the temperature of your guests” and read the room.  This interaction between your guests and your DJ absolutely contributes to a full dance floor as the celebration progresses.

Must #5 ~ The DJ is an experienced “beatmixer”.

Beatmixing is powerful skill that enhances your DJ performance, regardless of what type of audience you are playing to. It allows greater creativity, and provides a smoother sounding performance; if done correctly, beatmixing provides flow and fluidity on your dance floor.  Beatmixing is not about your DJ turning your reception into a club, scratching and going wikki, wikki with this music.  Beatmixing is about keeping your guests engaged on the dance floor.  Music should never play to the end of the song; there should never be a gap of even 1 second before the next song begins.   Your guests will come out to dance to a song they liked and because of beat mixing smoothly and seamlessly into the next song, before they know it they’ll be dancing away 10 songs later never feeling the music changing.