How The MBP Family Celebrates 20 years of Awesome

Our DJ’s are crazy and spontaneous people that would pretty much do anything to have some fun. Over the years, as a company we have hosted many different activities for the MBP Team: Dance parties, Laser Tag, Whirley Ball, Camping… and much more.  Needless to say it was challenging to come up with something fresh and creative but we did!  In celebration of our 20th anniversary the MBP Team took to the streets for a Photo Scavenger hunt!

The Music Box Crew was split up into three teams of five or six people to a team. Each team was then given a list of activities that they must perform and take a picture of to receive points. Each activity gave detailed instructions on what must be done to receive full points. Some tasks included “Take a picture of all teammates acting out a dramatic earthquake scene in a public place or snap a picture of all teammates eating popcorn and enjoying a movie played at a local electronic store.


As the list continued the amount of points earned for each actively increased, so did the level of difficulty. Our DJ’s outgoing and wild personalities shined through as they approached a fast food drive thru on foot and asked strangers for a piggyback rides.


Following the 3-hour scavenger hunt the MBP team continued the celebration at Dave and Busters where all the photos of each group were revealed and the winning team was announced. Prizes were given out to every player for participating in the fun. MBP also provided food, drink and some more games to play for the rest of the night.

Our beautiful, fun filled event ended with an awesome surprise as the MBP Crew gathered around a beautiful cake and bouquet of flowers to sing Music Box a very special 20th birthday! As Music Box passes another milestone, it is our wish that every bride and groom feels the joy of celebrating 20 plus years of success and happiness as well!

Here are some awesome pictures from our photo hunt… Enjoy!

Attach 10 balloons to team member