Why two DJs?

As the originator of the “Two DJ” method in the early ‘90’s, we are certain that two, well trained, seasoned DJs will not only keep your dance floor full but assists in organizing and facilitating the details of your event in a fluid and seamless fashion.  In essence, your lead disc jockey is your reception coordinator and emcee.  You have met face to face with your DJ to articulately plan the details of your event, he/she understands every nuance of your celebration and is ready to make those visions a reality.  While one DJ is outside organizing the bridal party for an introduction in the hallway, the other is attending to the guests and music inside the room.  When your DJ introduces your Best Man for his toast, the other DJ is at the mixing board making sure he sounds perfect.  While one DJ is mixing with headphones on, the other is able to facilitate your guest’s needs.  There is never a time when the DJ table is vacant; there is always personality and experience attentive to making the party perfect.

A Music Box second DJ is as qualified as the lead in mixing, organizing, guest relations and any other aspect of the job.  The difference at Music Box is that the “producers” typically do not have the flexibility in their daily jobs to commit to a client a year or more in advance.  An example would be our DJs that are in public service such as fire fighting or health care.  Because their schedules often change, it is impossible for them to commit to being a lead disc jockey however; this does not make them any less experienced.  We have several producers that have been with Music Box between 5 and 10+ years.


Any event can “be executed” with only one DJ.  Epic events have every resource available.