Why is face-to-face planning prior to your event a must?

You have a lot of last minute little details during the week of your celebration! Who wants to plan on the phone during the chaos and how well can your vision be interpreted via the telephone?

Planning weeks in advance, face-to-face is vital because this is the best way for you to clearly communicate your wants and expectations. Similarly, for your DJ this is the time to understand who you are, connecting with your personalities in order to represent you well at your event.

During planning, you will discuss every detail: how to pronounce everyone’s names properly, establish your timeline, define your music guidelines of what you do and do not want played. Should you find yourself without a clue of, “what song to cut your cake to” or “what you would like for your introduction upon arrival” etc.; your DJ will offer suggestions based upon your musical tastes and play songs for you until you choose a tune that represents you perfectly. Ultimately your Music Box DJ provides not only Music but is your Emcee and a Day of Coordinator.