What is subcontracting and why is it bad?

Subcontracting is taking several independent DJs with their own DJ get ups and umbrellas them under one company. There is typically a list of qualifications that must be met initially but after that, there’s usually little to no governance. DJs that can’t find work on their own often gravitate to these “agencies” with hopes of finding work. The parent company would then book these individuals under one company name; sometimes these independent DJs may even work for multiple companies.

Since 1994, Music Box has provided the sound, music, customer support and maintenance for all of the DJs that work here. That consistency benefits our clients in a multitude of ways:

All Music Box DJs are outfitted with the same, impeccable sound, hundreds of gigabytes of music, modern dance-floor lights and of course a professional code of ethics that is unwavering. Music Box DJs are bound by “Policies and Procedures” that are overseen as our team enters and leaves one central location. Finally, the camaraderie and feeling of family that you will experience when working with a proud community of brothers and sisters is like no other. At the end of the day, it is our sibling-like competition over who’s party was better that generates a family gratification in knowing that Music Box DJs are providing entertainment that sub-contractors just can’t include in their multi-point checklist.

By NOT sub-contracting, your party has less room for errors. Our Music Director ensures that all special music is available and that any other special needs for your unique affair are attended to well before your DJ even walks into the building.

Because we do not sub-contract, Music Box has a standard, ethic and style that is uniquely ours and that’s not just our belief ~ the proof is in our client’s feedback.