What is “Beat Mixing”?

For Music Box DJ’s, “beat mixing” is the method of putting together a continuous flow of music without a break or gap. When mixing is done correctly, the music moves from one song to another without you even knowing the song has changed. Seamlessly you have just “end up” into the next song. This is a huge benefit for your party in that the flow and energy is always consistent.

Beat Mixing is not “whicky, whicky, whicky,” noisy or obtrusive; it doesn’t mean you will only hear 30 seconds of a song. It just means seamless flow and momentum on the dance floor. If a DJ does not mix and plays every ounce of every song, in a 3-hour dance period, he may be able to play about 40 to 50 songs. When Music Box DJs employ the mixing method, closer to 70 songs get played in the same amount of time. Talk about bundle and save!