How do you handle music requests?

We LOVE requests! Requests however are simply that, “requests”. This is NOT a free-for-all to play the B-sides of obscure songs. So have no fear that when crazy Uncle Fred requests, “Tip Toe Through the Tulips” it won’t be played because we know that song does not fill a dance floor.

Due to the fact that we sit down together a month prior to your event, we have a clear understanding of what you want played and what you do not want played. You set the parameters that we work within. Great crowds are a HUGE part of the success of your event, by taking their requests we are engaging them to participate in your celebration.

Our office employs a Music Director whose job is to make sure your DJ is supplied with all of your “special” music needs. Whether it is Greek, Hindi, Italian, Polish, or your mom and dad’s anniversary song—we’ll get it for you.