As you are presented your DJ choices, know that all of your “Lead” DJ’s have from 8 to 20+ years of experience as entertainers. “On The Road” experience is certainly valuable but our continuous training and development guarantees an innovative team that is ready to deliver new and fresh ideas that enhance your event. Both personal and company-wide coaching and development enables our DJ’s to foresee any potential pitfalls ensuring a seamless, worry-free event.

Our Team is committed to their “Continuing Education” courses, which are designed to perpetually enhance creativity and originality. Our monthly courses range from “Improvisation” to “Gear Trouble-shooting” and “Human Relations”, just to name a few. Much like an athlete, practice and education is vital to being the best in the business ~ we take it very seriously!

Finally, it is worth noting that more than half of your DJ choices have been with Music Box for more than a decade.