Back Up Strategy:

“State of the Art” and “Top notch” equipment is useless unless the DJ using it has the education and experience to maximize its performance. Remember, a DJ is his/her own sound engineer at an event, so if something stops performing, that DJ needs to possess the know-how to do any repair at the drop of a hat.

Our back up strategy is a culmination of over 18 years of experience. As all of the “game day” DJs depart for their events, the back up crew is on premise in the MBP office, assisting the teams in departing; making sure that every detail has been double-checked. The support crew remains in the building until every team member has phoned in indicating that all is well. The back up person is assigned to ensure that if anything goes wrong, that person is ready to take over at a moments notice.

Back up equipment is on premise at your event. Two amplifiers, additional computers, hard drives full of music and even iPads/iPods are utilized as a third and fourth music source. Our back-ups have back-ups!

Planned maintenance is key to minimal breakdowns. Our gear is maintained weekly to ensure peak performance.

In summary, don’ t forget to ask some of the bigger questions that often go unanswered: “Do all of your DJs know how to use and troubleshoot the equipment you use?” and “Is your equipment regularly maintained by a qualified professional?”