Candyland – Daughter Daughter Dance With Michigan DJS Music Box Productions

This time of year is the best time; it is the season of new beginnings, celebrating love, and it is also that time of year when girls dress-up in their prettiest dress and escort their fathers out on the town for a fun night of dancing, that is right, it is Daddy-Daughter Dance Season.

This year Michigan Music Box DJs Andrea and Jonquil had the honor of entertaining the Chesterfield Township Fathers and Daughters as they danced the night away.  The theme for the 2014 Daddy-Daughter dance was Candyland; this meant a lot of sweets, candy colors, and some sweet tunes.

To set the tone Andrea and Jonquil played various candy themed songs including some tastefully simple Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory tunes as the dads and daughters arrived at Zuccaro’s in Chesterfield.

Daddy Daughter dances are a great way for dads to bond with their daughters, do you think these dances should take place more than once a year?  Do you have a great idea for ”bonding “ moments with a son or daughter?

Check out these awesome photos from this years event from Chesterfield Townships Facebook page:

Candy Andi and her Lollipop Microphone!

That is a whole lotta requests!