AIMEE + TIM ~ A Circle Revelation

They say a wedding ring is a circle because it is continuous or never ending, reflecting what a marriage commitment should be. Well at Aimee and Tim’s wedding, circles formed on the dance floor over and over again and I believe that reflects their complete commitment to each other for a lifetime and their relationship with their family and friends.

When a circle formed on the dance floor at Walden Woods in White Lake it was not because their Music Box DJs Rod and Chris asked them to, it was not because the song was a circle dance; this leaves only one reason…the fact that a circle represents eternal love. 

For many years at Music Box we attempted to document and investigate the cause of a circle forming on the dance floor, and honestly the cause was inconclusive.  There was no rhyme or reason, they just occurred randomly.   But is it really random?  There are songs that naturally bring people at a celebration into a circular formation with the guests of honor in the middle, but what does it mean when they form circles repetitively to songs that naturally do not incite a circle?  After thinking about Aimee & Tim’s wedding it finally hit me, circles occur randomly due to the strong ties between loved ones in attendance, resembling that eternal love or commitment to loved ones forever, just like a ring.

Aside from songs that incite a circle, what are your thoughts as to why a circle forms?  Please share your comment below!



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