Neiro De Rubeis

Passion is the spice that heats up life, just like
me. Hello there, my name is Neiro De Rubeis, but the party people of Detroit
have dubbed me HabaNeiro. So when it comes to spicing up life or adding a
little fire to the dance floor I know how to cook up a spicy meal
for your soul. Our most vibrant memories all have the same common
denominator, passion. As your passion drives you to be sitting there reading
this bio thinking of that future day you will unite that passion as one with
your loved ones; I’ll be there to witness this miracle and add the right
soundtrack that will follow you for eternity.

As far as my credentials go, I have never been able
to get enough music to satisfy this yearning I’ve had to be able to find that
right piece of music that reminds you of those memories; those passionate ever lasting’s.
I’ve studied and worked on my craft since 2006 doing DJ work. My experiences
don’t end there though; I am a graduate of Specs Howard School of Media Arts.
From there I worked on my own for 4 years playing and orchestrating special
events and dance parties. Playing multiple venues around the United States and
learning how to see into different people allowed me to reach out and
spark a moment they thought was once gone. Now, brought back to life, my
selection will trigger those glorious times, once played many years
ago in the background of that day when that defining moment created a
timeless scene long ago.

DJs or other services you choose to represent you in
these timeless days ahead, make sure you have those people that will only
add to your passion and fuel it, not douse your momentous occasion. When
you choose me for your special day, you’ll have enough passion to
write millions of those eventful soap opera TV show episodes. Oh, ya
I also have an awesome sense of humor. Honestly though, no matter what type
of event, Music Box Productions has the game plan to make your
day, just that, YOUR DAY. So smile and thank you for letting me be apart of
your DAY.




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