Eric Wagner

Wassup! My name is Eric Wagner a.k.a. Crash. (Don’t ask…it’s a long story.) I joined the Music Box team back in February of 2000 and I love my occupation as a DJ. It requires you to have fun and make sure guests at the party are having fun at the same time. My background is entertainment, with four years on stage in Community Theater; so being in front of a crowd is not a problem for me. That’s why I love this business.

My goal for entertaining at a wedding is getting involved with the crowd as much as possible. Being a wedding entertainer is more than just playing music; it is a day of coordination, emceeing, and the party that follows. I love what I do because every wedding is different, different crowd, different music, and a different setting. If I am having fun, then the party will be having even more fun. My favorite kinds of music are alternative, dance, and hip-hop.

Your wedding reception should be the biggest party of your life and I enjoy being a part of your special night. Music Box and myself would like to congratulate you on your recent engagement and hopeful we will be rocking your wedding party real soon.



Eric Wagner - Electric Wedding DJ | Music Box Productions




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